Aiden & Coco: Essential Spray

Aiden & Coco: Essential Spray

FACE + BODY + MIND: An aroma-therapeutic mist to calm and soothe tired and stressed skin, hair and senses. Spray around your personal space and above your head to prep for sleep, start your day, or just because. Custom blend of essential oils are chosen to add botanical benefits and light moisture when used on skin. 

Synthetic free | Alcohol free | Vegan | No animal testing 

2oz/60ml | USA made  

Calm This soothing herbal blend of Lavender, Sage and Italian bergamot will settle your mind and calm your nerves whenever you need it. 

Glow is a harmonizing blend of sun-kissed citrus and orange flowers that will transport you to the bright summer time. Spritz around to energize as you need a “pick me up” during the day. 

Cozy is a rich, warm, spicy scent that is a great part of your daily self-care ritual, allowing yourself to strengthen the fullness of inner peace, vitality and joy.