Welcome to Area Industry


Welcome to Area Industry, a new modern pottery market created and produced by Mantel in Portland, OR. As you know, this city is crawling with small makers, skilled craftsman, and modern design. Seriously, it’s a THING. And since pottery is OUR thing, we wanna combine the two and throw down. (Don’t actually throw your pottery, guys. Unless it’s on the potters wheel, of course.) Oh… and we’re expanding this baby. Whereas our first event (2018) focused solely on Pacific Northwest artists, this year we’re opening the event up to all of the West Coast. Yeah, it’s big.

So join us for a day of good fun and good shopping. Grab a drink from the bar, shop local ceramics, get your groove on with our DJ, grab some grub from the food carts, sit down at the workshop table and maybe even make your own mug. (Okay, so if you wanna buy something, we won't hate you.) October 6th!

Are you a vendor? Check out our FAQ page!

Interested in supporting Area Industry through sponsorship? Email us: shop@mantelpdx.com



2019 Ceramic Artists